High Noon Athletic Club ( views since Nov 2006)

Ithaca, NY

Founded 1982 by John Walsh and John M. Saylor


Reunion 2007


Here's some past documentation (August 1994) I have (obviously needs MAJOR updating assuming anyone wants to add to this):

High Noon Athletic Club

USATF # 646


Established 1982

Purpose: To foster health and endurance performance in all forms of athletic endeavors.


President for Life - John M. Saylor

Secretary, Adam Engst

Vice President, Treasurer - E. Richard Hoebeke

FAQ (Maybe this should be a new page but I'll put it here for now)


When did High Noon start and who named it?

Of course people have run from Teagle Hall at Cornell for many years. TJ Pempel and Larry Prudhome among others predate the naming of High Noon by several years. In 1982 however, John Walsh and John Saylor (who had been part of the noon time group for several years) decided they wanted to have a group identity and team to run for. After several runs of discussing what to call it, John Walsh said "We always get together at noon so let's call it High Noon". He declared John Saylor President for Life and that was it.


What is the criteria for inclusion in HN?

The only criteria is that you've once run in Ithaca at high noon- if you are reading this, you are probably a member!!! The list of members below is out of date. So if you consider yourself a member, put your name here and the year when you first started.


Where did the High Noon AC logo come from?

The High Noon AC logo which depicts a blazing sun is printed on High Noon singlets and t-shirts was inspired by the the Japanese Rising Sun and conceived by John Saylor and designed by John in collaboration with Claude Schyler in (date??)


How do people subscribe to the High Noon mailing list?

To subscribe, send email to:

And the body of the message should say only:


(Or just click the link above, which should create the message appropriately.)


Please add other FAQ Questions and Answers in this section. Feel free to disagree and re-write history as you know it.


Races Sponsored Annually


Team Members: If you've ever run at High Noon in Ithaca, then you too are a team member so put your name and dates here. If you're currently running at noon from Teagle on a regular basis, make your name bold!


Common Runs in the Ithaca Area (and surrounds)

Suggest using (type Ithaca, NY at top left and click on arrow; select hybrid view under Map Settings) to construct and save URLs for routes. Unless otherwise noted, all routes described below begin at the east door of Teagle Hall (the Lynah Rink side of Teagle) on the Cornell University campus. A group leaves daily from that location - at noon of course - Monday through Friday.

Races High Noon runs as a team